Junior Start-Up Lab believes that children are natural entrepreneurs and innovators.

We believe that the entrepreneurial nature of children emerges when they express interest in setting up their first lemonade stand. Empowered by the ability to earn their own money, and motivated by ambition and creativity, they are positioned to turn their ideas, dreams and passions into real businesses. 

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Junior Start-Up Lab is mandatory for all kids. It not only teaches them how to grow a business and understand profit and overhead and trends; it fosters creativity & confidence. My son said that from his general conversations with you about the things he enjoyed, he was able to create a business plan. You Rock, Karley!
— L. Mackall
Kids learn customer service, finance, marketing and other practical skills... More importantly, they learn life skills they can carry with them as they grow, such as [generating ideas] and problem solving, inspiration, interaction and collaboration, innovation and creativity, and initiative.
— Karley Sessoms, Washington Post

U.S. schools are more likely to offer classes in how to start and run a business to older students, signifying a missed opportunity to foster economic energy among younger students.
— 2016 Gallup-HOPE Index

Our project-based programs are based on 21st-century learning, life and career skills.

  • Problem solving & critical thinking

  • Creativity & innovation

  • Initiative & resiliency

  • Collaboration & leadership

  • Public speaking & communication

  • Community & civic responsibility